Supply of railway devices

  • URB – Barlad – Bearings
  • CIE DE CHEMINS DE FER DEPARTAMENTAUX France – railway equipment, locomotives, locotracteurs.
  • Diesel hydraulic shunting locomotives manufactured by Faur SA – Romanian, types LDH 450 HP, LDH700 HP and in the next future LDH 1250 HP
  • Diesel electric locomotives LDE 2100 HP and electric locomotives LD5700HD manufactured by Electroputere – Romanian
  • Freight wagons type RGS and KGS manufactured by Meva – Turnu Severin – Romanian
  • Bogies for freight wagons manufactured by Nicolina – Iasi – Romania
  • Complete diesel engines type MAYBACH MB820Bb and MB836Bb manufactured by Faur SA – Romanian