Complete services for railways activities

  • Ultrasonic control for axles
  • Executions and instalations of systems for speed control on Siemens locomotives
  • Execution and installing alert systems in case of detaching wagons draws by MLW locomotives
  • Repairing and updating GTO systems used for Siemens locomotives
  • Repairing of 120pcs Freight wagos Eaos
  • Repairing of 33 passengers wagons

Electronics engineering repair services.

Highly skilled electronic engineering team is committed to provide the highest standard of repair work and preventative maintenance services.

Our technical staff and  partners will carry out any required repair work in the fastest time frame to minimizing  the client’s machinery down  time  and  ensuring  electronic machinery /equipment continues to operate at optimum efficiency.

Our  Repairs:

  • AC / DC Electronic units.
  • Electronic Boards  of  different 
  • Current Converters.
  • IGBT Phase Modules.
  • GTO Phase Modules.
  • GTO Gate Drivers.
  • Traction Converters.
  • Auxiliary Converters.


Our repairs are provided with a warranty of good operation with a time duration depending on the type of units.