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Our group of companies ‘’BEKIARIS’’ one of the main leaders of importing, distributing, supplying private and state sector in fields such circulation, auto-buses, tramways, metro and energy and complete projects of eolic parks and photovoltaic consisting following companies – Petros Bekiaris SA (auto-components and spare parts) Dabeko SRL (railway equipment) Dab LTD – electrical equipment Auto-parts Ike (technical solution for vehicles), Adbek (spare parts and state contracts). Petros Bekiaris SA has been established in Athens, Greece in 1968. On that time the main activity was concentrated for auto components being exclusive agent for well-known companies from Italy, Germany, Romania. 

For having a good trading activity we build an office with five floors near the central area of Athens. Beside our initial activity we started a hard work in the field of railway equipment being one of the main suppliers for Hellenic Railways.

We established a daughter company in Romania named SC Dabeko Impex SRL having the office in Otopeni, near to Bucharest International Airport. We arranged and managed the delivery of 10 Diesel Electric locomotives of 5200HP and 20 Diesel Hydraulic locomotives of 450HP and 700HP manufactured by Electroputere Craiova and Faur Bucharest.

We had also a contract for 100 freight wagon RGS and KGS as well as a supply of boggies for freight wagons, and 100 passengers wagons from Astra Arad that new produces tramways. Our activity include also supply of main components for locomotives and wagon manufactured in Romania, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Switzeland.

We have contracts for complete Diesel engines Maybach (MB836Bb and MB820Bb) wheels, turbochargers, buffers, springs, hooks, control equipment, bearings, main components for MTU Diesel motors.

Nowadays are participating in the projects connected with infrastructure of railway network in Greece. For this reason we are discussing with partner both from Greece and from abroad for supplier of steel sleepers, locomotives and freight wagon.

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Our Latest Projects

We provide components for infrastructures, wagons and locomotives, also signaling systems.

CAF – Spain
CAF – Spain

Wheels for locomotives freight and passengers wagons

ZPSV – Czech Republik
ZPSV – Czech Republik

Railway concrete steel slippers


Railway signalling systems

DTVS Prestejov - Czech Republik
DTVS Prestejov - Czech Republik

Railway switching systems


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